Alberto López Toledo Alberto López Toledo was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1976. He received his Engineering degree on Computer Science in 1999 at the University of Murcia (UM) and he is currently working on his Ph. D. at the same University. In November 1999 he joined as a researcher the ISABEL group at the Engineering Department of Technical University of Madrid. He has worked for several projects funded by the Spanish national research program such as SABA and SABA2 projects. His implications on these projects were mainly QoS provision and development of new services on Broadband Networks. Alberto is now working on two IST projects named UNIVERSAL and BRAIN, this latter being his major involvement. His R&D activities now are QoS provision on mobile and wireless environments, developing new QoS and micro-mobility protocols for 3G networks. He is also responsible for the network provision and testbed for future collaborative applications.