Amlan Saha Amlan Saha is a founder and Chief Technology Officer of 3ui, a mobile infrastructure software company based in Singapore. Having started 3ui in March 2000, Amlan has since taken up the responsibility of managing and charting the technology roadmap as well as the entire research initiatives of 3ui. Among other things, 3ui's current mandate includes IPv6, Mobile IP and 3G networks.

Prior to founding 3ui, Amlan was working with the Centre for Wireless Communications (a national R&D center managed by the National University of Singapore). He was involved in the design and development of mobile IP over IPv6 as research on routing algorithms in mobile adhoc networks.

Amlan was trained as an Electrical Engineer from the National University of Singapore (NUS). After his Bachelor's Degree, he did Postgraduate research in Computer Networks at NUS in the area of mobile computing.