Carlos Ralli Ucendo Carlos Ralli Ucendo was born in Madrid in 1973. He got is degree in Telecommunications Engineer in 1999 and final project "Analysis, configuration and trials with IPv6 protocol" was presented at the beginning of this year. In this project, besides IPv6 implementations and software porting studies, DIT-UPM connection to 6-bone was estudied and planned, and Telefónica I+D connection to the 6-Bone was set up. He joined Telefónica I+D in December 1997, where he started working in the management and planification area to change later to the "Networks inter-connection" department. There, he has been involved in "SABA" and "SABA-2" National Research projects, where collaborative applications and IPv6 are studied and tested. Also he has been involved in the "Armstrong" Eurescom project (P-1009) which studies the transition strategies and other inter-provider issues in the migration to IPv6. Finally, he has become the internal responsible in Telefonica I+D for SABA-2 project and he is also the LONG project co-ordinator. LONG (Laboratories Over Next Generation Networks) is an UE IST project which is starting in December of 2000 and which will define and test the IPv6 advanced platforms for advanced IPv6 applications. He has been involved in other projects in Telefónica I+D related to broadband access technologies (xDSL) and transport technologies (FR and ATM).