David Fernández David Fernández is Associate Professor at the Department of Telematics Engineering of Technical University of Madrid since 1993. He graduated as a Telecommunication Engineering on that University on 1988 and received a Ph.D. degree on Telematics Engineering on 1993.

His first research was done in the area of formal description techniques. From 1989 to 1994 he was deeply involved in the design, installation, management and evolution of the Spanish academic network. Since 1992 he has participated in R&D tasks related to distributed applications and computer-supported cooperative work over personal computers and broadband networks, being involved in several national and international research projects like Co-Learn (Delta), EDUBA (PlanBa) and LEVERAGE (ACTS). More recently, he has been involved in research projects around Internet QoS and IPv6, especially, he was involved in BTI project (ACTS), designing and developing protocols to support IntServ QoS over multicast access networks.