David Larrabeiti Assistant Professor of Computer Networking at University Carlos III of Madrid.

He obtained his Ph.D. at the Technical University of Madrid in 1996. From 1991, he has participated in several national (SABA (CICYT)) and European research projects (BRAIN(RACE), TECODIS,BONAPARTE,IBER (ACTS)) related to the study and deployment of next generation networks and services. More recently, he has been involved in the development of multicast IP over ATM networks to support large international videoconferencing events over ATM WAN (projects EXPERT,NICE (ACTS)). In 1999 he has worked in the development of protocols to support IntServ QoS over multicast access networks (project BTI (ACTS)). At present, his activity is focused on the development of multicast multimedia protocols and services over IPv6 using active networking technology (proyecto GCAP (IST)).