Hector Luis Velayos Muņoz Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1972. He obtained his Engineering degree on Telecommunication Systems in 1998 at the Technical University of Madrid (TUM). Currently he is working towards his PhD in the same University. From July 1995 to December 1998, he was working part time as student fellow with different involvement in ACTS projects such as NICE (ACTS 110) and BONAPARTE (ACTS 022). From January 1999 to January 2000 he was working full time as networking researcher for the Technical University of Madrid; most of his work during this period was done for the SABA project, funded by the Spanish national research program. From January 2000 he is working full time for Agora Systems as Project Manager. The IST BRAIN (IST-1999-10050) project is his major assignment at this time. His involvement in the above mentioned R&D projects allowed him to develop skills in design of multimedia applications -he is member of the ISABEL development team - and design and deployment of advanced networks including broadband and wireless technologies.