José Angel García Cabrera Since 1997 he is working at the CMT as Deputy Director of Telecommunications Networks and Services. He is in charge of issues related to numbering and addressing, but he also works in other matters as interconnection, preselection and unbundling of the local loop.

In 1995 joined the Directorate General of Telecommunications, working in the field of telecom standards. He was the Spanish delegate at ETSI and ITU meetings that covered the topics of numbering and addressing.

From 1989 to 1995 Mr. Garcia-Cabrera has been working in SPRI and Telefonica.

Mr. Garcia-Cabrera is member of the ECTRA Project Team on Numbering since 1996. This is a group that studies numbering issues from the regulatory perspective, with participants from the European National Regulatory Agencies.

Mr. Garcia-Cabrera obtained in 1991 a B.Sc. Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from "Universidad del País Vasco", and is a member of the "Cuerpo Superior de Sistemas y Tecnologías de la Información de la Administración del Estado" since 1995..