“Madrid Global IPv6 Summit” will be broadcast to Universities and R+D Centers worldwide

Madrid Global IPv6 Summit, the first technological event of the 21st Century dedicated to educate, demonstrate and promote the use of the new Internet protocol, will enable remote participation from auditoriums placed in several countries around the world.

IPv6 is no more an “eternal promise” and is becoming a real need, because it’s the core of the new generation of mobile telephony. Also, it allows outstanding advances in mobility, QoS and security. IPv6 is the basement for new versions of applications such as e-commerce and m-commerce.

We’ve to highlight the great importance of this protocol, and thus of this event as a mean of spreading its knowledge, to both public and private networks administrators and end users.

The quality and the number of worldwide experts that will be in San Lorenzo de El Escorial are the best of the best.

The broadcasting will be made through different mechanisms, including Isabel application and MBONE, among others. All the R+D and academic centers with IP connectivity or IP Multicast will have access to these sessions.

At this moment, countries like Canada, Austria, Slovenia or Portugal and several Spanish cities have confirmed their remote attendance, but the list of participation points exceeds 350 places (Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, France, Rumania, The Netherlands, Switzerland and United Kingdom). Too we expect joining to US R+D and educational networks, and part of the UUNET commercial network.

This broadcasting will be possible with the cooperation of many entities, including Technical University of Madrid, Carlos III University of Madrid, Technical University of Catalonia, RedIris and Telefónica.

RedIris Multicast infrastructure (unique in Spain) is attached to research networks of Europe (DANTE/TEN-155), USA (Internet 2/Abilene, and some commercial networks), and other international links.

The IPv6 Forum is pioneer in this kind of broadcasting, and this time any person attached to these networks will be able to receive audio and video of the event and interact with its own questions.


Global IPv6 Summit in Madrid (Spain)

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