Tim Chown Dr Tim Chown leads the IPv6 activity in the Networks and Distributed Systems theme within the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia (IAM) research group in the Electronics and Computer Science Department at the University of Southampton. The Group has been studying IPv6 since 1996, and has had native IPv6 connectivity to the world-wide 6bone network since July 1997. Southampton is a partner on the European 6INIT IPv6 deployment project (and its wireless successor, 6WINIT), and is active both nationally through the Bermuda 2 IPv6 deployment project on the UK JANET Academic network and internationally through leadership of IPv6 piloting in the European GÉANT network. Southampton is a member of the IPv6 Forum, and Dr Chown is Co-chair of the Forum's Education and Awareness working group.


  • Systems and Networks Manager for the Electronics and Computer Science Department (ECS). ECS is a leading UK research department with over 1,200 registered computer users and over 700 networked workstations.
  • Manager of the Wolfson Electronic Business Centre (WEB Centre). The WEB Centre is a channel through which ECS commercial ventures (by staff or students) can be given an Internet presence.