Tomás de Miguel Doctor on Telecommunications and associate professor in the  "Departamento de Ingeniería de Sistemas Telemáticos (DIT)" of the Technical University of Madrid at the E.T.S.I. Telecomunicación since 1987. Areas of Experience: He has been involved since 1982 in R/D tasks at the Telecommunications Engineering School at UPM. His most recent R\D activities have been related to the design of distributed multimedia applications, broadband networks, communication network architecture, communication protocols and Internet services. Selected Project Experience: He has been project participant and/or manager and/or leader of several projects (over 20) under contract of industries or organizations like: IST (LONG), ACTS (TECODIS, NICE, BONAPARTE), RACE (BEST-R1023, BRAIN-R2095, IBER-M1011), CEC (ISABEL-I2001), TEN-IBC (STEN-B2003), Regional Initiatives (BINET-G1001), ESPRIT (FORMAT, LOTOSPHERE-E2304, SEDOS-ST410, GAUCHO-E2563), Telefónica (MEDAS), Ericcson Telecomunicaciones (SIGMA), or CICYT (INTEGRAL, MHCT, CINDOC, SABA, SABA-2). He has given courses, conferences, authored over forty technical publications, including over 2 co-authored books. He is a regular member of scientific conferences such as the IFIP FORTE, IFIP PSTV, IS&N or PROMS. He is actively participating in the design of distributed multimedia application ISABEL, devoted to provide a flexible environment to define CSCW services. He works as technical manager in the design of cooperative system of large-scale real-time software by teams of people, which are distributed across several European countries, located in several designs centers, using ISABEL application.