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Consulintel and IPv6:

Consulintel started working in IPv6 when it was still no clear that Internet will really adopt it.

Today with a clear world-wide strategy of ALL-IP networks, and the growing need of mobility, QoS, larger address space, and next generation applications, IPv6 is a must.

Consulintel is proud because all the work we have done until now, but there are still a lot of efforts to be done, in order to get the Next Generation: Internet for Everyone.

Today, IPv6 is not only the unique alternative but also the best one. IPv6 is mature enough to get it deployed in commercial networks, offering advanced services and next generation applications.

We still have to work on the path from IPv4 to IPv6; isnít just a question of transition: Is an evolution and integration path; but itís true thatís a breaking evolution, and a necessary one.

IPv6 will enable an extensible and simple growth, main handicaps for the actual IPv4.

We need to prepare and upgrade our networks, customer networks, and future networks, with devices, operating systems and applications, ready or in the way to deploy IPv6 specs.

We need to ensure the future, not mortgage it, with the arrival of the mobile electronic commerce (m-commerce), for the health of the GLOBAL network.

Letís be IPv6 READY !

Consulintel will devote a continuous effort in training, consultancy and network integration services, to bring our customers into the new era, The New Internet: IPv6.

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