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The Company

CONSULINTEL "Consultores Integrales en Telecomunicaciones", is a leading company in solutions for networking and telecommunications systems, including system integration, consultancy, maintenance, support and other products and services.


Our focus is the integral service to the customer, providing leading technologies and solutions for any type of problem of local, metropolitan, remote or global networking systems.


Consulintel offers solutions for operators, financial corporations, ISPs, Internet, ecommerce and in general, any aspect related to communications. Governmental, education and Military/Defence are other of the markets where Consulintel has obtained great developments, providing high levels of customer satisfaction.


Consulintel supports all the phases of the system integration, from importing the products up to its deployment and configuration, in the customer premises, obtaining at this way, a competitive price for a complete service.


Consulintel is active member of non-for-profit organizations for the dissemination and promotion of technologies on networking and communications, with relevant positions, which demonstrantes our commitment and expertise.