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Among the services and solutions that Consulintel delivers, the security for end-users and corporations networks is a key priority. We can offer different kinds of security coverage, including: Perimeter, Internal, Data or Contents, Applications, etc.


The security is responsible to protect information within our networks. To this, we have several solutions that enhance the network services and exclude those elements that are not healthy for our environment.


Thanks to our experience in security environments, Consulintel can offer solutions in fields such as:


  • Perimeter security: Firewalls, IDS/IPS, both SOHO and large corporate solutions, finance, public administration, etc.
  • Content security: Complete sets of tools (antivirus, antispam, antimalware).
  • Data protection: This is one of the more complete fields, targeted to the data and device protection. It also guides the users to introduce information in the systems and avoid the external non-authorized access.